My 14 year old son wants a new gaming laptop; what should be his budget?

POSTED BY Viet Nguyen April 2, 2017 in PC Game
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TL;DR: About $1500 to $2500. Think about future proofing for 3+ years instead of going under average budget.

Long Version:

To arrive at a budget, it has more to do with what your son wants to do than what features it have to add up to such budget.

Over the years of running a PC gaming company, I would assume that your son wants to play games on laptop, watch YouTubes, maybe explore some coding and computer stuffs for fun.

After using many laptops for the past 17 years, and some first generation Windows desktops in the ’90s, I’ve developed an experience of what a 14″ kid would want in a laptop.

Some criterias to consider:

Preferred Screen Size

  • 14 Inch: I choose 14 inch specifically because it makes it easy for your son to carry around, while having big enough screen size.
  • Full HD 1920×1080: I don’t understand it when people need 2k or 4k for casual gaming. The higher the resolution is, the more battery it drains. Additionally, Full HD is more than enough for gaming in 2017. Keep that in mind. Don’t go higher.


  • 4.4lbs or less, preferably less than 2kg (without charger)
  • I used to own an Alienware M11X R2 and various laptops of various weight. I found that if a laptop weight less than 2kg, it’s very compact to bring around.

Which OS do you require?

  • Preferably Windows 10 Home. No need for Windows 10 Pro


  • Budget includes a laptop, not any other peripherals like headphones, mouse, etc…
  • For the past few years years, I’ve always enjoyed a budget range of $800 to $1200 for my laptop.
  • However, I’ve learnt that with my gaming, productivity and multi-tasking needs, I have to raise the standard and budget for it.
  • As of right now, I increase my budget range of purchasing a laptop to $1750 -$2250 because I figured out that this budget range fit the laptop specifications that I need.

Using that thought process, I’ve came up with 3 options:


Gigabyte Aero 14

The New Razer Blade 2017


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