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Thank you for your interest in being a contributor at Emily’s Writing Lab. We value our community and would love to share your thoughts in front of our audience.

The process is selective and all articles are subject to editing. Headlines are subject to change, content may be edited for style or substance, links may be added for context, and art will be added at the discretion of Emily.


The following guidelines may help increase your chances that your article is accepted for publication on our website:

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to the Emily audience and fall into one of our five categories — eSports, PC Gaming, MMO, Online Gaming and MOBA.


We’d love to have you help us dig deeper into the idea of PC gaming, gaming science, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, gaming philosophy and eSports. If you’re interested, feel free to move beyond just gaming into the bigger picture of your life. Share what you’re learning about playing and watching games.

Where are you playing? What have you realized? What challenges in the industry are you trying to solve? How are you moving back toward the core of a good gaming community? How are you reclaiming your skill and sanity after playing and watching games?

(See our What eSports Need In Order to Grow as an example of what we’re thinking.)

We like articles that include personal story as well as a list format of ideas or actions that our readers can take. For example “5 things I learned on my gaming journey…” or “5 steps to choose a game that fits you…”

Article submissions should be between 800-2000 words, but can be longer in special circumstances. They should also include a meta description for search engines and social sharing which should be no longer than 160 characters.



This is the part where you do research. You can gain inspiration on various sources. For example, YouTubers like Game TheoryPlay Noggin’ and Extra Credits are great references, to name a few.

The research process is very simple: Read and listen a lot about the gaming subject that you like. Take notes, remember important pieces of information.



Once you feel that you have enough information that you need about a subject, start combining your notes into something coherent and relevant. At this point, you probably have about 500 words in an unstructured format. It’s cool! Keep going!


Start Writing

Start writing on our platform and extend your thoughts beyond the notes. Make the word beautiful. Sometimes it only takes 5 paragraphs to make a topic relevant for readers, and maybe that’s all it needs. Introduction. Body. Conclusion. However, write your points in specific details and make it clear to the reader.



Pictures and videos are well received in a reader’s perspective, so whatever point you want to make, help the reader by providing a balanced combination of text, photos, and videos.


Post It

The whole process takes less time than you think. When you feel you are done, don’t hesitate to post it so we can review and move forward with editing, SEO optimizing and produce it to readers who are eager to read them!


Thank you!


We generally do not pay for contributed articles, but for super high quality contents and breaking insider news, we reward you with beer money. We always notice and provide opportunities for talented authors. For all articles, we will promote them as we do our own articles across our social media accounts. Our Facebook pages, community forums, and other platforms in our network are extremely active and typically drives 1,000+ readers to each article we share.


If you would like to submit an article that is already published on your website, please be sure to put your original article’s URL in the end of the post.


To submit an article for consideration, please login and start writing. If your article is chosen to be published we will contact you within 48 hours.