Faster Disk Performance For All Of Our Game Servers

POSTED BY Viet Nguyen April 4, 2017 in NewsPC Game,
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Many of our current properties are game servers (like Minecraftly and Molly Town), with procedurally generated maps in file system, which brings a lot of bottlenecks when there are lots of reads and writes.

At Emily Labs, we always strive to improve performance and optimizations, in both networking latency and disk optimization. Our file system technology are known to support petabytes of disk space across thousands of machines. It’s an incredible achievement for the scale of our company.

This time, another milestone is hit! We are excited to announce a technology release that focuses on performance optimizations. We see file system performance improvements of up to:

  • 2.5X faster on large file writes
  • 1.4X faster on large file reads
  • 30% faster metadata accesses

The full list improvements:

  • File metadata up to 30% faster, large file writes up to 2.5X and large file reads up to 1.4X.
  • Multithreaded write and compaction
  • Dynamically adjustable object sizes and parallelism on writes
  • Improved compaction heuristics for large folders
  • Improved multithreading performance
  • Improved DNS performance: faster retries and reduce number of total queries
  • Improved read and write performance for high-latency multi-region disks
  • Optimized index layout for large and mixed file size workloads
  • Improved read ahead heuristics
  • Improved responsiveness during large file reads
  • Increased max reported filesystem size
  • Monitor disk cache performance and automatic improvements
  • Improved performance for large sequential reads
  • Fixed a scenario where update propagation between nodes could sometimes be delayed
  • Memory improvements to significantly reduce memory usage when caching files
  • Cache changes to increase memory efficiency
  • Disk cache cleaner with faster response and less memory and cpu usage
  • Improved cache efficiency for reads of large files
  • Compaction rate improvements

Those changes are noticeable when you play on our game servers.

Thanks again for using Emily Labs’ products, and always remember to keep sharing our products to friends. Life is a game, don’t forget to keep on playin’.

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