PC Gaming Continues with Explosive Growth

POSTED BY Viet Nguyen January 15, 2017 in NewsPC Game,
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As eSport and MMO games couple closely with the PC gaming industry, PC has grown to become a base for several types of games, including many previous and up and coming Kickstarter titles. This expansion cannot be ignored — more than half a billion people are playing daily and more than three billion hours are played weekly, solidifying the growing presence of PC game live streaming, MMOs, eSports, and VR games through this platform.

Hardcore PC fans have demonstrated their excitement for popular titles such as Minecraft and have begun to create wikis online in order to reach the most dedicated gamers. Minecraft is without question an extremely popular title in the PC gaming industry, becoming so without an advertising budget or assistance from a publisher. To date, Minecraft has racked up sales well over 100 million globally and continues to perform well daily.

Minecraftly Universe is the platform that has been specifically created to address the biggest problem currently in the MMO industry currently — scalablity.

According to the Wiki Director for Curse, Ben Robinson, “the great thing about the PC market is the accessibility for developers. Anyone with a PC and some free software can create a game and share it. While Sony and Microsoft are making strides to change this in the console sphere — they are still years behind. This accessibility allows for extremely innovative and unique creations.”

With the PC gaming industry continuing to thrive, the market has become even more expansive for the PC gaming platform. A prime example is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, which has grown its subscriber base up to 7.4 million for Warlords of Draenor; the World of Warcraft Wiki now boasts more than 400,000 articles. Topics on the site include lore, game features, as well as in-game item information. More than 50,000 articles through a number of self-published wikis have been created to support Minecraft’s rapid growth. This immense expansion can be confirmed through the amount of players active on Minecraft community servers and specifically Minecraftly.

Minecraftly does more than inform its community, but also is responsible for designing innovative promotions, giveaways, and merchandising specials. New merchandise was introduced this week and celebrated with free giveaways via social media, giving fans the opportunity to get Minecraft and other PC gaming toys free of charge. In order to receive the latest information on giveaways in the future, including the newest releases on wikis and other Minecraft gaming news, visit us to get the latest updates.

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