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Emily Labs is home to many of the web’s most sought after gaming sites. Our sites include wikis, news, guides, tools and databases all combining to create some of the world’s deepest and richest gaming communities. Each of our sites are built around individual game titles, delivering the ultimate experience for gamers seeking to congregate around coverage that is relevant to their gaming interests. All Emily sites run on our world-class publishing platforms with our partners.


From PlayStation to PC, RPGs to FPS and everything in between, Emily has a site that will help gamers enjoy the games they love to play even more.


All properties are connected via Emily ID, the single-sign-on solution for all thing Emily Labs related.


Emily Labs’ flagship site. The site serves as a portal allowing visitors to easily find the Emily sites supporting their favorite games. This website also features blogs, news, contests, and giveaways.



The massively multiplayer, infinite single universe edition of the popular game Minecraft.

Minecraftly is a shared distributed Minecraft game server that provides persistent world among multiple, autoscaled cloud instances.

Our servers and storage automatically scale in real time to current workload and can be accessed from all of our machines around the world. There is no setup, no skill required to run and maintain. You only need two things:

  1. Minecraft game client software running on your computer.
  2. Minecraft account.

Our software runs on our cluster of machines and talks directly to our cloud infrastructure. You don’t need to run or maintain any servers or pay for hosting.

How It Works

To get started, use your Minecraft username, add minecraftly.net to the end of your username. Voila! Your Minecraft world server is now username.minecraftly.net

For example: if my username is Notch, the server is at Notch.minecraftly.net

TIP: If you don’t need a custom username, simply connect to minecraftly.net, it will bring you to the same server.

The world loading speed is better than SSD, and similar to RAM disk. We use workload adaptive heuristics such as real time compression, write bundling and read caching to implement high performance.

Why should I play Minecraftly?

1. You want a super massive scaled out Minecraft server.

Zero effort is needed from you to scale up your Minecraft world server when it’s popular. We already took care of it so you don’t have to.

2. You want to play on the same server with everyone else.

You get access to the players on the same universe at all time. It doesn’t matter whether you connect to minecraftly.net, username.minecraftly.net, or map your custom domain name, it’s all in the same universe! This is the largest single massively multiplayer online sandbox version of gaming architecture in the world.

3. You want to play in the existing Minecraft Multiplayer environment.

Let’s be honest, Minecraft PC Multiplayer is the best, and it’s going to be so exciting if everyone can be at the same place at the same time, virtually. Minecraftly solves all of the technical problem to provide you just that!

4. You want hassle-free world/server management.

You don’t need to set up, run and maintain Minecraft servers or learn any skill to keep your data redundant, reliable and highly available. With Minecraftly, you offload the management of the backend to us. All you need to do is play!

5. You want low network latency from anywhere.

We designed our network backbone so that you get sub lower than 100 miliseconds latency from anywhere in the world. Whether you are playing from the US, Asia, Europe or Australia, you can interact with players from anywhere else, inside the same server space without any lag. This is truly the first of its kind solution in MMO gaming.

6. You want real infinite storage.

Our world storage system is virtually infinite and can handle hundreds of petabytes of data. It’s millions to billions of gigabytes of data at your fingertip. The dream of having a real infinite Minecraft world is here for you!

What is new about Minecraftly?

1. Platform as a Service. Compatible with the standard Minecraft Multiplayer platform, if you have a Minecraft account, you have an online world. No hassle.

2. Live distributed universe. All worlds from all players are inside the same universe, creating the perception of a single space that hosts millions of players at the same time.

3. Globally optimized network routing. Play anywhere, with players from anywhere, with no lag. Usually 100ms or less in latency.

4. Always on. Your world is always on, 24/7, secure at rest and in motion.



We make really good game servers, period.



At the heart of everything we do is community. From the beginning, Emily Labs has focused on developing the most robust gaming communities on the web because we believe every gamer should have input into the conversation surrounding the games they love to play. We recruit the most respected and knowledgeable community managers to build these communities and ensure the ultimate fan experience.



Emily Labs understands gamers need tools and information to take their game play to the next level. Our guides, databases and tool sites allow users to search the most accurate game data available for information they’ll need to make smarter decisions. Our sites also provide platforms for users share their hard-earned knowledge with others.


Our sites help gamers relax even when they aren’t playing. Emily Labs provides the highest-quality news coverage aimed to keep gamers at the top of their game. Our sites deliver the most in-depth, non-biased reporting of games, industry announcements, and major conventions.

eSports Teams

We are always excited to build or acquire an eSports team. We are not there yet, but we will be. Stay tuned 😉



We like to build convenient, mobile-centric or VR-centric e-commerce stores and marketplaces where users come together to browse, shop and sell on the go.